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The Investment Team of Alexander, James and Zachary Montague

Internationally Recognized Real Estate Investor, HUD/REO Property Wholesaler, Fix/Flip Rehabber, Turn Key Home Provider.

After graduating from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida in 1983, 1985 and 1987, James and Zachary decided to stay in Orlando and make a go of it in real estate investing while Alexander moved back home to start his career in construction and architecture design, only to find out that there were very few jobs in that field still left in the Metro Houston area.

In December of 1985 Alexander at the urging of his father took his first real estate seminar with local investor Dave Del Dotto and Carlton Sheets in Springfield, Virginia and shortly followed that up with another seminar with the nationally recognized "Rehab Queen" Robyn Thompson.

In early 1989 Alexander at the urging of his brother James and Zachary made the decision that it was time to turn real estate investing into a full time career and joined James in a very lucrative career as a “bundler” for savings and loan portfolios.

It was here that Alexander along with James made their epic decision to re-examine their financial course in life. While working in this capacity Alexander and James learned of the RTC formation and how they could turn a few hundred thousand dollars into millions over a 6 month period.

During this epic transition of life, “The Brothers Montague” became popular words in the RTC “red buyer” inner circles. Their most famous buy was several “RTC blocks” of homes in the Houston, Texas area during 1992 for $200,000 per block. Each block consisted of 12-15 homes valued at over $200,000 each, basically 20,000 per house. Several short months later these blocks were sold to overseas investors at well over 1.5 million each.

With these transactions under their belts, and many more to follow, the brothers Montague were plunged deep into the internal workings of real estate investment and the opportunities it presented itself on almost a daily basis.

Alexander and James have always believed that continuing education would be their key to success, Alexander has gone on to achieve credentials as a certified home inspector and completed the builders licensing program. Most recently Alexander has begun working on his PHP (Professional Housing Provider) certification.

They have both worked with HUD, FHA, Housing Authorities and numerous Hedge Fund Managers over the past 20 years building a strong rapport in the “Circles of Power” within these organizations. Their extreme knowledge of the inner workings of these government agencies and private funds has given them insight into many a lucrative deal for both themselves and the
investor parties they have worked with such as Medicine Wheel USA, Sundown Investments and Sage Investments.

Alexander and James have attended hundreds of hours of education on trusts, investment vehicles and investment strategies that give them insight into investment strategies that many have never heard of nor ever will unless they tell them. Alexander has lectured all over the country regarding these investment strategies including 1031 tax deferred exchange, 561 charitable donations and of course real estate investment advantages over traditional investment vehicles.

They are both active and ongoing students and part time instructors with the Real Estate Investment Club consisting of top educators in the field of real estate investing such as Preston Ely, Josh Cantwell, Rob Swanson, Jason Louke, Chris Clothier, Than Merrill and many others.

Alexander has also joined the Strategic Real Estate Coach Master’s program by Chris Clothier, and Josh Cantwell.

Since 2004 Alexander and James have done hundreds of real estate transactions including negotiating short sales, subject to options, lease options, several neighborhood revitalizations (similar to Houston), Commercial, Industrial and Residential Note Buying and James’s personal favorite fix and flips.

With over 15,000 transactions in the just the last 5 years, including 2,025 since January of 2015 in Kansas City, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Tampa and Nashville and Atlanta, this year is shaping up to be their best yet since the “RTC Buying Spree”.

With these powerhouse individuals and substantial reserves, credit and financials partnerships already in place the goal of owning 50,000 to 75,000 single family homes as rentals properties for a constant residual income for years to come is destined to be a reality this year of 2016.